About Us

CDPO is a Cambodian NGO established in 1994 as a movement of Cambodian people with disability. It is run and governed by people with disability. Significantly it is a membership based organisation. In 2018, CDPO has a network of 75 DPOs including 11 Women with Disabilities Forums (WWDFs) as members with an additional 1000 Self Help Groups (SHG). In total they have over 20,000 members of people with disability in all 25 provinces. Importantly CDPO represents people with all types of disabilities in Cambodia. And CDPO is also different from other disability organisations because it does not provide goods or services.

CDPO does not provide goods or rehabilitation services but rather represents DPOs/WWDFs nationally and advocates for their rights and interests as well as helping to build their rights awareness and capacity towards achieving a life with dignity for persons with disabilities.


Persons with diverse disabilities participate fully and equally in society and live with dignity.


Transparency and Accountability, Rights Based Approach, Respect & Inclusivity, One voice of persons with disabilities, Partnership and Collaboration.


CDPO is an organization of persons with disabilities whose mission is to:

Represent the voice of persons with diverse disabilities, including women and children and persons with ethnic minorities with disabilities.

Develop networks that work towards promoting and protecting the rights of persons with disabilities so that they are empowered to bring about their full participation and equality in society to live with dignity.

Monitor and encourage the government and relevant stakeholders to implement the Law on the Protection and the Promotion of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and relevant sub-decrees, prakas, government policies relevant to the rights of persons with disabilities and United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) in order that the rights or persons with disabilities are realized.


CDPO works toward quality of lives of diverse disability groups, from different background and geographical areas of Cambodia.