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Minister of Labor calls on international partners to strengthen the capacity of people with disabilities to have more job opportunities

Phnom Penh: Mr. Heng Sour, Minister of Labor and Vocational Training, called on international partners to strengthen capacity building for people with disabilities in Cambodia to have more job opportunities and more options.

He was speaking at the National Forum on “Environment, Disability and Decent Work in Cambodia” attended by international development partners on March 11. This is according to the announcement from the Ministry of Labor.

Mr. Heng Sour said that capacity building will be an important factor in creating opportunities for people with disabilities to develop themselves in accordance with the needs of a flexible and highly flexible labor market. Therefore, focusing on capacity development and empowerment of people with disabilities is a partnership with the Royal Government of Cambodia to achieve the vision of accepting 1% of the disabled workforce for the private sector and 2% for the public sector. .

“I urge all international partners to focus on strengthening cooperation,” he said. Capacity building for people with disabilities in Cambodia to provide More wide-ranging job opportunities and more job options For them. ”

At the same time, to continue to promote and promote the participation of people with disabilities. Livelihoods, social life and access to capacity building training Technical expert Mr. Tha, Ministry of Labor introduced the technical training school Under the advice of all Ministries, care must be taken in providing Travel and lessons that can provide convenience People with disabilities need to be able to acquire technical skills in Work to prepare for current job opportunities.

Source: Post Khmer